Reopening Statement

Reopening Statement

We are keeping up with the latest developments on COVID-19 protections to ensure our customers' safety as we tread carefully out of quarantine.

Good Style Shop will remain to sell incoming vintage items via and Instagram Stories after our brick-and-mortar reopening on Tuesday, May 26. Items ship daily, and the pick-up time window will be expanded to normal store hours.

Store hours will continue to be as before: 12-6 Monday through Friday, 11-7 Saturday, 11-5 Sunday.

When we open, we will post an advisory that includes the following:

- A maximum of 5 customers in the store at a time. First come, first welcomed inside. If there is a line, we ask that you limit your shopping duration to half-hour.

- One item of clothing allowed in a fitting room at a time. If the garment remains in the store, we will steam the entire item to ensure safety.  

- Face masks highly recommended.

- Please respect 6’ social distancing guidelines.

- If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home.

Disinfectant will be used on all common-contact surfaces regularly following their use. The store will be thoroughly cleaned each night. Hand sanitizer will be available at the counter.


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