Midwest Vintage Flea FAQ


General Attendee FAQ

What is Midwest Vintage Flea?

Since 2016, Midwest Vintage Flea is Wisconsin’s largest and premier vintage fashion trade show. This event happens twice a year, Spring and Fall, and has made residency at Garver Feed Mill since 2021. The event selects 40 prominent and preeminent talents in the trade and provides a highly-anticipated 2-day indoor shopping event on Saturday and Sunday. The event is a production of Good Style Shop, LLC, a vintage clothing store on Madison’s isthmus.

When and where is Midwest Vintage Flea? Is it free to the public?

Midwest Vintage Flea Fall 2023 is Saturday, November 4 and Sunday November 5, 2023. The 2-day event will be hosted at Garver Feed Mill (3241 Garver Green, Madison, WI 53704 garverfeedmill.com). General admission is free. Doors open to the public on Saturday at 11AM til 6PM, and again on Sunday 10AM til 4PM.

How does it work? How do I buy things?

Like a traditional flea market, Midwest Vintage Flea is composed of individual vendors with their own individual points-of-sale or cash exchanges. If you want to purchase an item from booth #3, simply return to the booth’s attendee and pay the person at both #3 directly. All our vendors are required to mark their individual tags with their branding / namesake for easy shopping. If you can’t determine which booth your desired purchase originated, any of our Midwest Vintage Flea staffers will assist you.

Can I try anything on?

Absolutely yes. Since the beginning, Midwest Vintage Flea prides itself on providing full-service fitting rooms easily found on your map. There are 6 complete fitting rooms, with a limit of 8 articles in a booth at once. This helps us keep the lines orderly and customers satisfied with wait times. If anything doesn’t fit, just leave the garment on the return rack and our staff will return the item to the appropriate vendor. If anything gets damaged, there is no cost to you as we have rules and expectations posted for all attendees. We believe trying on vintage is part of making a confident choice!

What payments do you accept?

As of 2023, we require all our vendors to accept cash and credit. As for cash transfer apps (Venmo, CashApp, etc), these forms of payment will vary from vendor to vendor. However, event ownership will be streamlining vendor requirements in future events.

Can I return anything?

All sales are final unless otherwise explicitly stated directly by the individual vendor.

How do I get advanced access?

We offer 50 “early bird” tickets for attendees willing to purchase $20 advance tickets for exclusive shopping one hour ahead of general admission. Early Bird access is Saturday, November 4th 10AM to 11AM. Early Bird access is limited to 50 tickets and strictly enforced, meaning no one without registration and proof of purchase (hand stamp) is admitted.


Vendor FAQ

How do I apply?

Applying to Midwest Vintage Flea is as simple as filling out this form. The 3-week application rounds are open generally 9 weeks (~3 months) ahead of the bi-annual event. Midwest Vintage Flea Fall 2023 admission rounds are open August 10, 2023 - August 31, 2023.

How do you determine who is accepted?

Like the golden rule, Midwest Vintage Flea maintains the gold-standard of vintage clothing trade events by making new friends and treasuring the old. With very rare exceptions, Midwest Vintage Flea will provide first notice and consideration to any vendor who has previously successfully attended our show. Because of our attendance levels, staffing, marketing campaigns, and position in the marketplace of vintage events, we have a significant retention rate of returning participants. While providing that level of service is a strength, it has caused us to initiate a selection process designed to incorporate at least 25% of first-time vendors for each event. We believe this process adequately balances demands of hundreds of new applicants and thousands of returning customers.

Okay, I filled out my application. Now what?

Midwest Vintage Flea emails accepted vendors about one month after application rounds open, and one week after application rounds close. For Midwest Vintage Flea Fall 2023, we will notify all applicants of their status on Thursday, September 7. If you are accepted, we will ask for a commitment of attendance in order to publish the final roster. If you are considered on stand-by, we will ask you to consider leaving the event dates open for potential attendance. If you are not accepted in either case, we will respond as courteously and promptly as possible.

What if I don’t get in? Any advice for next time?

Stay persistent. We have accepted second- and third-time returning applicants despite having limited supply at first pass. We strongly encourage new and first-time vintage vendors to apply to this event, because freshness is key at this market. Your unique point-of-view and unmatched style made you a vintage clothing dealer in the first place; a market event status is not a value judgment on your talent.

We offer “stand-by” status to a number of vendors who will be noticed in the event of last-minute booth availability. If you are willing to accept stand-by conditions, you will be invited to attend no later than 2 weeks ahead of the event. We understand that last-minute timeline is tricky, as is filling in any unexpected gaps in inventory on our end.

What is the fee and how is that used?

Midwest Vintage Flea will lock its 2023 rates at $400 per 10x10 booth.

Here’s what you’ll receive for your investment.

  • Unmatched foot traffic of over 1,500 visitors daily, with targeted vintage clothing shoppers from the Madison-Milwaukee Wisconsin market and surrounding Midwestern metro markets. We invest in social media and legacy marketing, as well as partnering with tourism organizations for maximum exposure. We ship event promotional materials to participants.
  • A secure, clean, indoor venue with full-service restaurants, bar, and reliable Wi-Fi access.
  • Event staff of 5 dedicated attendants to provide greeting, way finding, fitting room attendance, and set-up / load-out assistance for all vendors. Also, Garver Feed Mill has dedicated event coordinators on call for janitorial, security, and building accommodations.
  • Overnight in-venue storage, secured in place between Saturday and Sunday.
  • Ample load-in space and a non-rushed experience at event close.
  • Dedicated follow-up on experience and ensured free shipping / delivery on articles left behind.
  • Early notice of future dates and space reservations for future events.

Where should I stay in Madison? Any tips?

This event has grown considerably since we were able to house attendees ourselves! We recommend booking overnight accommodations within days of your accepting your admission. Madison has adequate hotel inventory for our Fall events, less so for our Spring events due to graduation events all over the city. Rest assured that your product will be securely stored over Saturday night.

What are other important issues I should be aware of ahead of my admission?

You will receive a “vendor packet” in an email about 10 days before the event. That explains load-in and load-out procedures and maps. We call this the soup-to-nuts packet, because it includes anything you’ll need to know just ahead of the event. We will always elaborate on any part of the event one-on-one, too. Email midwestvintageflea@gmail.com

Midwest Vintage Flea ℅ Good Style Shop, LLC is not liable for damage or theft of property. We are constantly improving ways to ensure trust among our vendors and the public at large (attended fitting rooms, monitored ingress, constant contact), though we cannot guarantee an absolute zero occurrence of dishonest customer behavior.

As a vendor, be ensured Midwest Vintage Flea has an ongoing commitment to service. It is in our shared interest that MVF is a safe, inclusive and inviting environment to attendees, vendors, and staff. An integral part of this commitment is communication and expectation. Please expect that we will communicate to the our absolute best of our ability in regards to your needs as a business owner and a member of the “MVF alumni” network of vendors.






presented by Good Style Shop 

Saturday, November 4, 2022 11AM-6PM

(Early Bird Access 10-11 AM Sat Only: limited to 50. Email goodstyleshop@gmail.com to reserve. $20 per entry.)

Sunday, November 5, 2022 10AM - 4PM



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The states largest vintage clothing trade event is back this fall for its tenth biannual showcase at Garver Feed Mill. (Madison, WI — May 13-14, 2023) — 

Madisons longest-running independent vintage clothing store Good Style Shop, presents the biannual Midwest Vintage Flea Spring/Summer 2023 event. This much-anticipated vintage clothing market is a destination for thousands of fashion-focused consumers in the Madison market and far beyond, growing steadily in its ten previous shows since 2016. 


This November, MVF will be held for two whole days, free to the public. The event has new later hours, to better serve the crowds and vendors. Garver Feed Mill is the largest-capacity event venue in event history, and is located on Madison’s near east side behind Olbrich Gardens with easy pedestrian and bike trail access. The full bar will feature a specialty ‘vintage’ cocktail menu exclusive to the event. Two 50-stall attended parking lots are booked for car commuters each day. 


This year will feature 40 of the 7-state region’s most established and up-and-coming vintage stores and independent vendors. Each stores brand focus offers diverse styles within the larger category of vintage clothing, ranging from rarified late 19th century heritage pieces to in-demand Y2K streetwear collectibles and absolutely everything of true quality in between.


In light of Covid-19 public safety, MVF coordinators and Garver staff will observe local guidelines for public gatherings on an ongoing basis. With the venue’s ample event hall and outdoor patio space, social distancing guidelines will be factored into the layout of the entire event. Additionally, guests will be required to adhere to the current guidance on face coverings and occupancy limits. For more information, please see the venue’s protocols here: https://garverfeedmill.com/covid-guidelines/


Over the next few months, marketing for Midwest Vintage Flea Fall 2023 will reach even farther than our past successful campaigns. In order to encourage our vendors’ success, we will begin a robust advertising campaign across local and social media involving original vendor-specific content. Additionally, MVF will give permission to local and national social media influencers and relevant press publications. Physical posters and fliers will be distributed in the Madison area and mailed to vendors, and original digital content will be distributed for vendors to repost on an opt-in basis.

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