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How We Buy

Do you have several vintage items you need to sell? We'd like to be in touch.

Sometimes appraising vintage clothing is difficult, but for us, it's all about context. Our small store carries a broad range of vintage fashion—from Victoriana through late 1990s streetwear—and we sell through just about all of it. That's because our sellers have an eye for modern styling combined with decades of collective experience in vintage reselling. We know what we like, but we're really curious to see what you have. 

If there's too much to bring for an appointment, we will travel anywhere in the Midwest. We're open to closet clean-outs and estate liquidation. We buy everyday at the shop, and offer up to 30% of resale price item-by-item. Because of daily rotation in staff, we do ask that you call or email up to a week in advance.